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  • Shave thousands off your property tax bill by contacting the Board of Revisions
  • Save several thousands on your consolidated invoices by taking time to do this simple step
  • Generate revenue utilizing an unused space
  • Reduce the amount of silverware you buy on an annual basis by purchasing this piece of equipment
  • ​and much, much more!!!

Healthcare facilities (including skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities) have an average of 15 departments that all contribute to or take from the bottom line.  Census building cannot be the only focus.  "Profit Without Census?  A Nursing Home Administrator's Guide to Profitability by Department" is a Christian leader's team approach to hundreds of creative, thought provoking ideas to jump start your financial health.  Some ideas can be implemented immediately resulting in instant savings.  By cultivating strong teamwork, a rising tide is created.  If you master profitability by department, increases in census are icing on the cake!  In a profession that is all about people, the primary goal of the achievement of profit is to be able to do more for your residents and employees.  Seal the leaks in your boat and you can sail the open seas!


"Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God.  I am the Lord." Leviticus 19:32

  • Increase the donations of materials, talent and time to reduce your activity budget by hundreds
  • Learn to manage your rental equipment to cut those expenses by 10-20%
  • Make some  of your meal items rather than buying them to save a minimum of $5,000 per year
  • Pay out accrued time in the current year to avoid an increase in expense of 1-4%
  • Learn a tip to reduce your annual water bill by up to $5,000 or more!!

Implementing just one of the hundreds of

ideas in this book, would provide a return on investment many times over!  Money Back Guarantee if you don't find at least one tip you can use!


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Jun 6, 2017

“I’ve been an administrator for 10 years and now own and operate several skilled nursing facilities as a family business.  In our world of skilled nursing, reimbursement rates are being squeezed, expenses continue to rise, census is always fluctuating and margins are shrinking.   Your book about expense control is right on the mark.  We already have implemented several of the ideas and it’s only been a week since we met you.  Thank you for the book, the ideas and the best practices!  I highly recommend your book to anyone in our business looking to move the needle back in favor of profitability without depending solely on census development.”
Serge Newberry, Owner
Five Oaks Healthcare

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