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-Kent State University

-Adams Memorial Hospital LTC Partner Conference

-Washington Nursing Home Association Convention (WHCA)

​-Virginia Nursing Home Association Convention (VHCA-VCAL) 

-Texas Nursing Home Association Convention (THCA)

​-Maine Nursing Home Association Fall Conference (MHCA)

-LeadingAge Nebraska Spring Conference 

​-Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers Fall Fair (OAHCP)

-Ohio Health Care Association Annual Conference (OHCA)

​-PointclickCare Summit

-AAPC Toledo Chapter Fall Conference

​-The Healthcare Information Network, Inc. Webinar (HINseminars)

-HCPro Webinar

-HCPro HCMartketplace newsletter articles in PPS Alert for Long Term Care & Billers Association for Long Term Care


We can monitor Key Performance Indicators at 3-week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

We identify technology, training, and processes to take your team to the next level. 

As a Certified Public Accountant with public accounting experience, and a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Becky Ziviski has a unique comprehensive perspective.  She has 20 years of accounting and healthcare experience in the roles of CFO and NHA and was responsible for multi-million dollar communities/operations while sustaining high profit margins, family-friendly atmospheres and achieving deficiency free health surveys.  ​​She helps healthcare communities achieve the success they desire whether it be profit enhancement, increased fair market value, process improvements or a complete turnaround.  ​She strongly believes that increasing profits helps provide the framework needed to improve the lives of the residents and employees.

​Read her book "Profit Without Census? A Nursing Home Administrator's Guide to Profitability by Department" where she delves into the profit opportunity the departments in long term care, assisted living or other healthcare communities can provide during times of low or declining census.  No margin, No mission!

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

Becky Ziviski, CEO CPA LNHA Author Speaker

We use surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive review.

Listen to what conference attendees are saying:

“It was so refreshing to hear someone speak who truly understood all sides of the nursing home business and how they integrate.  A truly holistic understanding of a business is necessary from leadership if they are to turn companies around in challenging environments.  Becky understands how the CFOs of nursing homes can keep businesses alive and help them thrive if the administrative and clinical sides of the business can understand the vital interactions with the finance department that need to take place.”  Dahlia Kang, MBA Director of Finance


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  • Complete financial health review with assistance implementing cost savings ideas from "Profit Without Census?  A Nursing Home Administrator's Guide to Profitability by Department".
  • ​Turnaround services to prepare communities for sale or to manage finances after sale and to improve the FMV for shareholders
  •  Interim CPA /CFO and NHA services
  •  Financial healthcare speaker available for presentations, webinars & workshops focusing on maximizing PROFIT!

"Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God.  I am the Lord." Leviticus 19:32

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Becky Ziviski CPA, LNHA, Author, Healthcare Speaker

Profit Without Census

Author of "Profit Without Census? A Nursing  Home Administrator's Guide to Profitability by  Department

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